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Kylie Delre

First and foremost I’m an actress and a native New Yorker.

I started my career in theatre along the East Coast, then moved to LA to expand into the television and film markets, all the while staying on stage.  Within six months I began major multi-tasking; opened Madcap Management representing no more than 10 actors for the better part of eight years, was assistant to the head of domestic distribution @ Miramax for two years, owned/facilitated ws company - Show & Tell: "Workshops for the Professional Actor" for five years, worked as a casting assistant/paid reader for:  Jean Scoccimarro, Michael Greer, Jeff Passero, Renita Whited, Aaron Griffith, and Vicki Huff.  Have taught film & television acting techniques, directed and produced numerous plays. 

I wanted to experience all the workings of the industry.  I also wanted to bring the best of my experiences to others.  In the process I gained the respect of the industry and my peers. 

I was generously offered more work: six figures to start agenting with Epstein/Wyckoff, a show-runner position @ USA, two year marketing contract @ Miramax, more casting work, directing, and to expand my workshop company with other CDs and agents…  All of which I declined.

Been written up (full page articles) for almost every endeavor in:  Backstage, LA Times, Hollywood Reporter, won several awards for my stage & film work, with honorable mentions/reviews in other local papers and online…

I have enjoyed so much of what I’ve done, so many folks along the way, and am so fortunate to have choices; every single day I choose - entertaining!  As life would have it – I learn more with each role I’m privileged to play, even for five minutes smiley.

As the journey continues, I look forward to sharing much of it with you, please stay tuned – there is more to come…

"You are never given a dream without being given the ability to make it come true." by Richard Bach