Kylie Delre

An actress, native New Yorker, but have worn many hats, and will go wherever work takes me...

Started my career in theatre along the East Coast, moved to LA to expand into television and films, all the while staying on stage. 

Within six months I began major multi-tasking; opened Madcap Management representing no more than 10 actors for the better part of eight years, was assistant to the head of domestic distribution @ Miramax for two years, owned/facilitated - Show & Tell: "Workshops for the Professional Actor" for four years, worked as a casting assistant/paid reader for:  Jean Scoccimarro, Michael Greer, Jeff Passero, Renita Whited, Aaron Griffith, and Vicki Huff.  Have taught film & television acting techniques, directed and produced numerous plays. 

While working to establish myself as an actress I sought out jobs that would enabled me to experience as many aspects of the industry as possible, while still being able to audition and work on stage.  I was then able to share my experiences with others.  

I was generously offered more work: six figures to start agenting with Epstein/Wyckoff, a show-runner position @ USA, a two year marketing contract @ Miramax, more casting work, encouraged to manage more, direct, and to expand my workshop company with other CDs and agents…  All of which I declined.  I found my niche at age 25.

I've been written up (full page articles) for almost every business endeavor in:  Backstage, LA Times, and The Hollywood Reporter.  I've won several awards for my stage & film work, with honorable mentions/reviews in those as well as other local papers and online…

I have enjoyed so much of what I’ve done, so many people I've met, worked with, and even helped along the way.  So fortunate to have choices; every single day I choose - entertaining!  As life would have it – I learn more with each role I’m privileged to play, even for fifteen minutes.

As the journey continues, I look forward to sharing much of it with you, please stay tuned – there is more to come…

"You are never given a dream without being given the ability to make it come true." by Richard Bach